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I have a big farm cat. His hairs is about 5 or may be 5/5CM. I want to buy the Furminator but I don't know which size & kind is better & fit for my cat. I myself think that Furminator for Short hair with L size is fit & good for my cat, but i'm not sure. Please guide me. Thank you. :)
Kind Regards// Helia

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Hi Helia i think you are right about "short hair" modell, then i would say that the differance between small and large is just the width of the blade. So as you can see on the page one is 4,45 cm and the other 6,73, depending on how big you cat is, choose the one with best blad so you also can comb the neck, legs and so forth I hope this gave some light to your decision Best Regards VetZoo


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